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Admission Requirements


Year 2017-18 Program with Australia Christian College

This is co-join program with Paul Institute and ACC


1st. Sep 4- 15. 2017

2nd. Oct 9-20. 2017

3rd   Feb 5-14. 2018

4th  Sep 9-16. 2018    visit Korea Program  


1.       Applicants normally must be between 22-60 years of age and preferably hold a degree from a recognized college or university.


2.       They must have a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and have a keen interest in evangelism.


3.       Applicants must have worked in their chosen profession for several years and be recognized as leaders in their church and profession.


4.       They must provide a written recommendation from their pastors or Head of their organization.


5.       Applicants must agree to prepare others by passing along what they learned at Paul Institute.


6.       They must be able to understand, read, write, speak English well.


7.       Applicants must be in good health.


8.       They Must be Qualified to have Visa for visiting Korea Program every September.


9.       Last Session will be Korea with Graduation Ceremony.


10.    Some student recommended as minister in Korea as pastor in Multi-culture Ministries.


11.    For Visiting Korea program student should prepare passport, Ticket but P. I will process visa and expenses in Korea. Pls Buy early bird ticket    



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